Bee Work

Bees are literally a lynchpin of our physical environment—yet, around the world their colonies are dying. I believe this is a clear message that our environment is in trouble—a message that has been largely ignored by the public. Modern life isolates us from nature, leaving us far too sheltered from life forces, and far too able to ignore even seismic environmental shifts. With this work, I hope to cast light on the issue.

The elements of each piece speak directly and indirectly to the importance of bees in our lives, and to the ways in which we should respect them. Real bees interact with images of flowers—the necessary elements for pollination. Southeastern Asian spices represent pollen, while paper, burned in Southeast Asia to venerate ancestors, honors the bee's role in our world. Small sculptures of Acorn People holding pieces of wax extend the theme of nature—and further underscore our responsibility to be aware of our environment. Hands, cradling votive candles, add to the aura of a shrine.