Art Instruction

Our over-arching goal is to avoid wax crayons.

We explore a variety of media—drawing with Asian ink, painting with acrylic and oil, sculpting in wax and clay. We practice dexterity as we wield tools from paint brushes to hot glue guns. We consider the larger world, designing fantasy neighborhoods and producing them in three dimensions. We take field trips to local exhibitions, artists' studios, the bronze foundry—and to natural settings where we draw from life. We have occasional guest lecturers. We even have had our work shown in Devali, India.

We laugh a lot.

Taught over two semesters, this is primarily an after-school program; however, the only true age guideline is that you have to be old enough to sit on a stool.

Additionally, we tailor single sessions or whole programs for individuals, families, and groups. Adults welcome. 


Sustainable ink painting, Secmol School

As an Artist in Residence in Ladakh, India, we taught multi-media art classes to students aged 15 to 20. Introducing students to a range of materials, we encouraged them to explore multiple techniques; our goal was to teach them the skills to continue their explorations with confidence.